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Stop asking questions, start getting answers

When was the last time you truly studied a map to find your way to your destination? If you're like me, you probably trust an app to find the best route to your destination for you. Yet, while most of us moved on from analog maps years ago, when it comes to navigating the road to our business goals, many of the tools we use are just as elementary.

Having spent the last decade of my life at Google, one of the most data-savvy companies in the world, I'm no stranger to relying on dashboards as a source of truth for a company. As the Co-Founder and Head of TensorFlow, I used dashboards time and time again to track adoption and try to understand growth. Yet, it was hard to ever feel comfortable: often times, when user growth changed, we had no idea why. Sometimes we got lucky and our guesses turned out to be true, but more often, we had to just move on. We were flying blind with the dashboards covering our eyes.

Data visualization was enough when all our data fit into a spreadsheet and a single dashboard provided a view of the entire business. But, as businesses scale and data complexity increases, the number of visualizations and dashboards grows exponentially. By now you have probably heard that dashboards are dead and we couldn’t agree more.

In Business Intelligence (BI), whatever question you ask, there’s a tool or a person somewhere that can answer it. But to access that insight, you have to make sure you ask the right question. Today’s push towards search in BI is making it easier to ask a question, while ignoring the core problem of what question to ask.

What if, instead of having to come up with questions, you had a partner that proactively surfaced only the most relevant and important insights from your data, based on your goals?

At, we have set out to do exactly that. We apply cutting-edge machine learning and automation techniques to your data to drive impact on your business metrics through proactive insights and better decisions. Just as our maps apps help us navigate the world, is here to help our customers chart paths toward their business goals.

As founders, our backgrounds in AI (Rajat co-founded and led TensorFlow), and BI (Varun is a former exec from Tableau), position us well to understand customer needs and problems and deliver deeply technical solutions to address these needs in a holistic way.


Last month, I was heading to a meeting in the middle of the day. It was a nice sunny day, and knowing the route well, I got in the car and started driving. As luck would have it, there was a recent accident on the freeway, and I was stuck in traffic for a while, eventually ending up 20 minutes late for the meeting. I wish I had used the navigation app instead.

Don't be late. Connect with us at

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