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Let data be your guide

We apply cutting-edge machine learning and automation techniques to your data to drive impact toward your business goals.

Goal-focused. Data-fueled. AI-powered. tracks, analyzes, and slices your key metrics so you can focus on running your business.


Discover problems.


Quickly identify bumps that slow you down, giving you continuous metric growth.


Drive metrics.

Make decisions and see opportunities in real-time with an always-running model.


Explore your data. Smarter.

Apply AI and machine learning to find the smartest path to your goals.


Analytics that work for you.

For Business Users

Hit Your Goals.png

Hit Your Business Goals

Identify areas of business that give you the most leverage. highlights issues early, so they can be addressed rapidly, and surfaces opportunities to help grow your business.

For Analysts

Gain your superpower.png

Gain Your Superpower

Track your metrics with and have key insights at your fingertips. searches millions of possibilities to identify the most impactful segments, so nothing is hidden from you.

Find insights.png

Find insights that dashboards hide

Traditional Business Intelligence tools rely on you to spot insights. We proactively sift through the data and deliver on the promise of data-driven business.

Get in touch to set up a demo

You'll hear from us shortly! is founded by seasoned technical leaders with backgrounds in AI & BI.

Rajat co-founded and led TensorFlow. Varun is a former exec from Tableau and Thoughtspot.

Rajat Monga

Founder & CEO


Varun Saini

Founder & CPO

About Us

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